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Energy saving glass

Coated, thermal insulated double glazing.

Why energy efficient windows are important

You are doubtless aware that the cost of heating your home has been increasing year on year and will continue to increase as the finite non-renewable energy resources of the planet are used.

Perhaps you are also aware that the energy efficiency or lack of it of our homes contributes to climate change.

But are you aware that the type of glass used in your windows can help your home be more energy efficient reducing heating costs and your homes carbon footprint? Your windows can have a big impact on the amount of energy you use.

K Glass reduces the amount of heat loss through your windows and can allow more of the heat energy of the sun to get through contributing to the warmth of your home.

Insulated double glazing utilises an optimised combination of low emissivity glass which helps prevent heat escaping through the window. And Argon gas filled units which further reduce the amount of heat loss to achieve the best window energy rating (WER).

K Glass WER
K glass x-section

Upgrading to the latest energy saving glazing systems will save you money!

  • Reduces energy usage, saves on bills
  • Helps reach government targets for CO2 emissions
  • Reduces internal condensation
  • Can be supplied toughend or laminated
  • WER band A efficiency achievable

Standard uncoated glass offers poorer insulation which can lead to cold spots closer to the window. K Glass makes the inner pane of you double glazing warmer reducing cold spots and internal condensation.

K Glass helps retain more heat inside your home increasing your homes energy efficiency and lowering heating costs. For enhanced safety and security it can be toughend against impact or laminated for additional security.

You can read more about Pilkington K Glass energy saving double glazed units here

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